Friday, September 17, 2010

Your No Bunny Till Some Bunny Loves You

Soft and cuddly sitting in a field of flowers this bunny waits.
She is aware yet not distracted by the gentle movement in the grass caused
by the whisps of wind blowing across the field.
A bird chirps in the distance and butterflies drift gingerly through the air.
A small rat scampers close by stopping to munch on some food dropped
by the farmer. Back to the task at hand the bunny nibbles on the tender flowers and grass.
Another day safe from preditors and harm.
Acrylic on Masonite panel 5x7 $80.00


Harley King said...

Ah, you must have visited my backyard this summer and chatted with the rabbits and the squirrels. Did you meet the raccoon?

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what your asking for this as the button won't forward for me BUT if my business was doing better, You can be this baby would be mine. I adore rabbits!! Hug.Tammy

my word verification: BLISS

Carol Blackburn said...

Good day, Angie..........cute bunny. Hey, he looks like the bunny planter my grandson gave me which holds my paintbrushes on my desk. Have you been in my studio?