Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Escaped

I Escaped
Look at that delicious pie. Sweet and tart just like grandma used to make. Guess what?
I am sitting her saying this only because I am so clever. Yep...I got away, I escaped. Right when they 
were reaching for me I rolled right off in the floor and hid under the table. I snuggled up real close to the leg
and then I smelled that wonderful aroma and knew that I was safe. A hand picked me up and placed me
right back on the table so near that piece of pie that I can still feel the warm heat from the oven. Almost seems as though I am goodying them. Well I kinda am goodying them. So glad that I escaped and 
will be around to tell this incredible story to my grandchildren. Oh no....Oh no....tell me it ain't so they are 
coming back to get me. She is licking her lips and she ain't looking at that pie. Here I go again. 
Splat I am on the floor again.....Give me a little hand how bout you say a little prayer for me right now. I might not be so lucky next time..............
SOLD 5/2013
6x6 oil on canvas panel

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Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh YUM! What a great pie...