Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sadie's Visit

Sadie's Visit
Just thought that this is just to cute not to share.
Today my daughter had to go out of town. We are baby sitting. Sadie will not 
budge out of my Grand daughters overnight bag. I did move her into my studio so she would not be alone. I think she likes it here.


hmuxo said...

She's SO darn cute, Angela!! My daughter had a mini-dachshund and she was always in a bag like this one. She would take her shopping with her since no one knew she was in the bag...once in awhile she would pop her little head out!! Thanks for a painting of this cutie!?

JanettMarie said...

So cute, is Sadie one of your models?

Carol Blackburn said...

Oh how sweet! I think I like dogs better than people.