Thursday, June 19, 2014

Time For a Spot of Tea by Angela Sullivan

Time For a Spot of Tea by Angela Sullivan
In case any of you are wondering why I have been slower posting I have had some life changes.
My oldest daughter and her two little boys have moved in with me for a short time and I had to give up my art studio for a bedroom. I have been quite sad about it but the good thing is It is only temperary. I will be moving. We are purchasing an old Victorian Home built in 1880 and I will have a wonderful studio with Windows that are awesome. I will be back soon to my daily paintings. If you are following me please don't quit. I appreciate each and every one of you but sadly and gladly life happens to us all. See you soon.
Oil on 6x6 canvas panel.


hmuxo said...

This painting is outstanding, Angela. I love the clocks.. and I do understand about life changes..Moving into an old Victorian house sounds incredible!
Take your time, Angela...we'll be here when you return!!!

JanettMarie said...

Good luck Angela, all will be good!
A new studio!!!

marilyn said...

so glad to read this update...i was wondering what had slowed you and great to know a new studio is to be enjoyed soon

Darla McDowell said...

I've been missing you, Angela! I hope your move is going well and that you will be painting again soon. Take care! :)