Thursday, September 19, 2013

Oliver...The Best Dog In The Whole World

Oliver... The Best Dog In The Whole World
As I upload this painting I am very sad. Mine and Benny's best friend died on the 17th. Tears roll down my face and I am amazed that I am this upset over a pet but not just any pet because this pet held our hearts in his paws. His name was Oliver. I wanted to name him Sir Lancelot but my friend Gloria named him Oliver.
As a puppy he played with a squeaky toy all the way from Wyoming to Alabama. After that he did not seem to have an interest in toys anymore. He was beautiful and yes he did have big ears that just stuck straight up like a donkey's. He loved my husband Benny and would just lay on him as close as he could get. I get up at about 5am alot of times to paint. He would come into the studio and nudge me to notice him then he would just go back to bed. He was with us for eleven years. His favorite thing in the world was a fuzzy pink blanket so yes it is ok for boys to like pink. I knew that I just had to paint him and as I painted the memories just came flooding back. So here I am sharing a very intimate piece of me to the world of friends who read my blog. We are looking for another little schnauzer not to replace Oliver because he is irreplaceable but our home is lonely without the pitter patter of little paws. Wish me luck.
20x16 pet portrait oil on canvas
Private Collection

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