Friday, November 15, 2013

In A Cup by Alabama Artist Angela Sullivan

In a Cup by Alabama Artist Angela Sullivan
While painting today I found a photo of this little cup with beautiful purple miniature roses. I tried to keep it loose and fun. I think that is exactly what I achieved. 6x6 oil on canvas panel.
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So I usually try to keep the post on my blog upbeat and positive but on this one I don't know if I can hold to my standard. This little painting sold as soon as it posted. I was so delighted and shipped it right away. A few days later the client notified me that she was just not happy with the painting. The first photo is the original that posted the second one I washed out in photo shop to show you the differences in computer monitors. When I photograph my paintings I try not to retouch very much except to lighten at times but even so oft times I do have a hard time getting an exact likeness. Anyway I know it shouldn't but it felt like a real kick in the gut. I am a little down right now and wonder if I should change my style or just keep trudging along. I attended a workshop with Qiang-Huang recently and did learn some very valuable information which I will be trying to incorporate into my work to some degree. I guess sometimes it takes a little stumble to make us get up, wipe our self off and with determination keep straight ahead. I suppose that is what I will do.

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Carol Blackburn said...

Oh, this is so lovely Angie. Did you get the bottle photos I sent you? I'll send more if I can find them. I did not put them in a file marked "bottles" they are just in my photos somewhere. :)