Friday, December 27, 2013

Hungry As A Bear by Alabama Artist Angela Sullivan

Hungry As A Bear by Alabama Artist Angela Sullivan
Sorry for not posting over the last few days. I kinda got caught up in the Christmas spirit and family and friends and neglected my blog and my followers. I painted this little bear another of my favorites. His hair is fluffy and he is just plum cute. I find olives and interesting thing to paint so my husband bought me a jar the other day. They are very good and salty too. The fork kinda an after thought. This little dish is the one I purchased at World Market recently and the apple just because I wanted a little more red. I hope your holidays was wonderful as was mine. I was able to visit family and partake of much food. To much I might add. My son Kristopher came from North Carolina with his sweet wife Jen. She is the most amazing cook. She made some of those homemade marshmallows with chocolate and coconut on top you know the kind that you only see on pinterest. My daughter and her friend came and put down new porcelain tile in my kitchen and my youngest daughter just made sure that every moment was wonderful. I think of all of these things and realize how very blessed I am. Life is good and I just want to savor every moment. Thank you for visiting my blog, thanks for all of the kind words and priceless comments. May your year be filled with happiness and just plain good things.


Carol Blackburn said...

Your bear is adorable. Hmmmm, do bears eat olives??? :)

Nan Johnson said...

I love this bear, he is just so cute.

And a very Merry Christmas & a wish for a happy and healthy New Year to you & yours!

suzanneberry said...

A lovely painting and a lovely post! thank you and I wish you and yours the same! wonderful bear!!