Friday, September 23, 2016

Table For Two still life painting by Alabama Artist Angela Sullivan

Table For Two still life painting by Alabama Artist Angela Sullivan
I painted this for my entry for Savannah Christmas on The River Show.
I had to send in a painting 50% complete and I thought that once again you might like to see the process for my paintings. Oil painting done Alla Prima on 24x12 stretched canvas. I left some bold brush strokes while leaving areas of thick rich paint created by using a palette knife. I added the bright yellow spot of color on the left upper area of the jar and laid in a little purplish right beside it for contrast. I added highlights to the pears and painted the table cloth in and then dragged paint down and across to make the table cloth under the towel.
 This is the start of the painting blocked mainly just establishing location without much crisp detail.
 Next I added the cloth, table edge, and pears.
This is where I start adding the background color and making the water to look like water by going pretty light in the background inside the glass jar. I also add lighter, brighter green yellow stems. I try to keep the cloth without a lot of crisp detail inside and behind the jar so my main focus will not compete for attention.

I would love to hear your comments.

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La Petite Gallery said...

The highlights on water and pear are wonderful and the cloth and red perk it up. You are a wonderful Artist. I have not picked up a brush for months. Did get second prize in the Maine Lobsterfest juries show. yvonne