Saturday, August 21, 2010

Crossing The Pond

Crossing The Pond
A pair of turtles crossing the pond. Mom turns for a look and then
on they go. They must make shore before dark.
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Harley King said...

I pause
to listen

to the wind
blowing us home.

Do you hear
the voices

of those we have lost?

— Harley King

Margaret Bednar said...

This is wonderful and so "familiar". We have a pond just a few short steps across the street. It is fun to watch the turtles sitting on their logs and slipping into the water whent he notice us. We have had a number of turtles walk across our lawn towards the water...they can really move when they want to! I love the setting sun feeling this painting has and the caution of the mother turtle.

padmaja said...

Motherhood is the same in all living creatures I suppose, touching post Angela, nice work as usual!