Sunday, August 29, 2010

Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor
Sitting in the harbor are two shrimp boats. Safe from the devastation of the
recent oil spill. These two boats are in still water with only ripples from the current gently
swaying them ever so slightly. They won't shrimp today.
Today is a day of leisure, a day for their owners to
spend time with their families a day spent in safe harbor.
Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas 18x24.
This painting is sold. JC Morgan Art Gallery
Thanks to Sally Evans for naming the boats.


Sally Evans said...

Aww how lovely, they're almost like a married couple! How about A Knotty Buoy and Dawn Breaker :) hehe

Paula said...

What fantastic work! I don't know what's the best, the boats, their reflections, or the sky behind them. Hopefully they'll be able to get back out into the Gulf and shrimp some more soon.

Harley King said...

More like two love birds on a lake. The world is theirs for the living.

padmaja said...

My eyes are keep moving from one corner to another, trying to absorb the details that are done by you, obviously your involvement is deep here Angela!

Helen Read said...

I really like the way you've shown these two boats side by side! Nice work with acrylic!

Sandy said...

As usual love every one but this made me comment. The comp is great.