Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dad's Place

Dad's Place
Always tinkering on something, something that may not be important to anyone else.
You can find him there alone in his place of comfort. The place where he is the happiest.
Mom calls "dinner is ready"  He hesitantly pulls himself away and slowly saunters home.
5x7 acrylic on canvas panel

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Carol Blackburn said...

Nicely done, Angie. My dad could be found in the cellar taking something apart. I don't recall him putting much back together though, LOL.

My Weekly Drawing Challenge said...

Such a lovely hide-away! No wonder Dad is hesitant to leave. I think anyone would be comfy there. :o)

hmuxo said...

I love this painting and love this post.! It gave me goosebumps!! Beautifully painted, Angela!!!

Linda Nickles said...

"Dad's Place" looks like a special place. Great colors! I like "The Ocean's Edge" also!

Virginia Floyd said...

I really enjoyed this post. Good memories of your dad.