Friday, July 15, 2011

In Hot Water

In Hot Water
Well not yet but soon. This is the cream of the crop so to speak. 
A little butter, a little corn, a few taters. Yum Yum!
5x7 acrylic on canvas panel

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Carol Blackburn said...

Mornin' Angie, ummmmmm love lobster. He looks a bit frightened, poor fella. Wish I had a hot tub right now myself. :)

My Weekly Drawing Challenge said...

Oh, the luscious red!!! I love it! Looks like he's been in hot water already, lol! Beautiful work, Angie.

Steven W. Dunn said...

Hi Angela
Just for you:

"I think it's the red that made me stop
And see what you've called the 'cream of the crop'.
Creating; then dinner; is this our decision?
Of course it is; it's all about vision!

I visit your blog often. Sorry I comment so seldom. I am impressed by your tenacity in painting and posting daily with so many wonderful creations.
Your blog friend

Nora MacPhail said...

He's lovely!