Saturday, August 27, 2011

Tipped Over

Tipped Over
I am intrigued by squash, goards,and pumpkins. Actually I am intrigued by a lot of things.
I guess as most other artist I almost drool at shapes and values, hues and down right color.
I found these goards at wetcanvas and had to paint them. I have struggled to develop my STYLE.
What I ask myself  is my style? Sometimes it seems as though each and every time I sit down to
paint the canvas is new and I have forgotten how I did it the last time.
Yesterday and today I started out drawing
my intended painting which I rarely ever do but I am ready for some change. I also painted on 12x12
a change from my comfort zone of 5x7. Who knows what I will do tomorrow but as for today I am
pretty happy with the results.
12x12 acrylc on gallery wrapped canvas
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Connie said...

I like the tight cropping of this composition. Lovely fall colors.

Virginia Floyd said...

Lots of texture going on here. I really like the basket on the right! Great job with the light and shadows!