Saturday, August 13, 2011

Buzz Buzz

Buzz Buzz
A big buzzing bee just doing it's thing.
7x5 acrylic on canvas panel
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Virginia Floyd said...

I like the light colors in the background. I makes the golds and orange in the bee really stand out. Like the purples too, for contrast.

weekend et coup de brosse said...

Magnifique abeille sur ce joli fond violet et parme

Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Angie, well I am not a bee person by any stretch of the imagination. Let's just say the bees and mees don't get along. :)
However I was as busy as a bee today with my 1st art show (blog to follow maybe tomorros). I am exhausted and feel more like a sloth than a bee right now. Or maybe a bear......I think I'm ready to hibernate. Your bee is fabulous, my friend.

Sunny said...

Your honey bee painting is just beautiful. Reminds of when my hubby was a bee-keeper many years ago. I actually miss them buzzing around :)

padmaja said...

The background is buzzing and has made the bee alive!