Sunday, September 18, 2011

When She Gets Home

When She Gets Home
He went shopping and bought these plump grapes. He found the wine stashed away
waiting for just the right occasion. The glass belonged to her mother. He sits there
in the chair by the fire deep in thought. He waits patiently as he hears the key turn in the
lock and then he sees her as his pulse quickens he remembers the plans made for the time
when she gets home..
7x5 acrylics on canvas panel


Carol Blackburn said...

Nice one, Angie. Hope things are good your way.

JanettMarie said...

Cool painting, I can see their (the couple) reflection on the bottle!

Virginia Floyd said...

I like all the refections in the bottle and the red tint of the grapes reflected in the glass. Very nice.

mary maxam said...

Charming post and painting Angela, this wine glass looks both transparent and silvery -well done!