Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bahama Essentials

Bahama Essentials
A pineapple, a gift,a wooden basket and how can you go  to
the Bahama's without a bottle to put that message in to who knows who.
Necessary things for that special trip. That trip you have been waiting for. 
8x6 acrylic on canvas panel.


Carol Blackburn said...

Sweet! I bought a pineapple to try to paint in a still life. It went rotten before I could even get started. Don't know why I though I was even up to painting a pineapple. Yours is lovely.

suzanneberry said...

great painting angela!! i love the concept as well! beautifully done!


Very harmonious painting--lovely.

Virginia Floyd said...

Very nice set up and well rendered. I really like that bottle!