Sunday, October 9, 2011

Blue Cameo

Blue Cameo
I tried and tried to get the colors on this to post as acurate as
possible but as computer screens don't seem to like red it was
quiet the task. This is as close as I could get it.
8x8 acrylic on canvas panel


Carol Blackburn said...

Wonderful piece, Angie. So many elements all working beautifully together.

Helen H Trachy said...

Wow! One of my favourite paintings. Love the details of the cameo and your overall choice of colors. A real delight!

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Angela!... Nice sites... lovely paintings... and especially fine sentiments that you share along with your fine art pieces!

Good stuff!

Good painting!
Warmest regards,

Virginia Floyd said...

I like this a lot. The red really pops against the cool grays in the plate and clock. I like the red reflections too. Really nice color palette and composition.

Virginia Floyd said...

"Is it just me or does everyone wake up one day and your paintings are different." Great question. I think that over time you evolve.

You are very faithful about painting every day. It's sort of like practicing the scales if you are learning the piano. All that practice is bound to have an effect on your painting. I just scrolled down and looked at your paintings when you first started posting on your blog. You paint in a much looser style now. It's really interesting to see the change.

Mimi Torchia Boothby Watercolors said...

I think you could have left out the cameo and this would have been a great little painting. With the cameo it's nice too. It really caught my eye!

JanettMarie said...

This one is a beaut!

Chelsea said...

I love the red mug and the texture of the paint!