Saturday, April 21, 2012

Garden Seat

Garden Seat
In the garden right next to the old shed wall sets a weathered blue chair. Unnoticed it may
seem to be abandoned but not so....It is grandmas chair just waiting for her to return and sit among the 
tulips. It may be nothing to the bystander but to grandma it is her own special Garden Seat.
4x4 oil on canvas panel


Harley King said...

I love the Garden Seat, Angela. I have a chair that I move around the yard. I sit and watch the young child we are raising. It means nothing to the bystander, but to me it is a place of rest and enjoyment.

Dean H. said...

A great gestural style, Angela!

hmuxo said...

Such a nice post, Angela! and love Grandma's chair!

Carol Blackburn said...

Beautiful sentiment, Angie. A sweet one for sure.

Nora MacPhail said...

Your paintings represent such a lovely world! So serene and beautiful.
Happy Painting.