Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Beach Hut

 The Beach Hut
I have never been on a cruise to a far away place but I do think it is somewhere I would really like to go.
I love the look of the tall palm trees swaying in the breeze. In fact I like the feel as the gentle wind
brushes across my moist damp skin glistening in the summer sun. Really the only places I have ventured to the beach is at Destin, Florida and Gulf Shores, Alabama both beautiful in their own way. Oh yes and I for got the beautiful San Diego where palm trees are everywhere. Anyway This is the painting of the day. Hope you enjoy.I have been painting on these little 6x6 gallery wrapped canvas....Love them. The side view which they allow is wonderful....


hmuxo said...

Wonderful work again, Angela...I've never been on a cruise before but I've seen many palm trees when I went to Florida....beautifully painted!

Helen Cooper said...

Love those palm trees! Seeing them always makes me feel like I'm on holidays.