Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sunny things by Alabama Artist Angela Sullivan

Sunny Things by Alabama Artist Angela Sullivan
Sunflowers are so pretty. They remind me of someone wild and free. No inhibited by the rules of some ridged unbending rules. They decide the direction of their path. I like that about them.
Still life oil on 7x5 canvas panel.


padmaja said...

Very beautiful Angela, so true they decide their path and that makes them free spirited .

marilyn said...

Always like sunflowers. Your recent pear series is really nice too, especially the three 'bold ones'. I have your work, The Long Road Home" on a small easel sitting on a table by the door and I enjoy it every day.

hmuxo said...


JanettMarie said...

This is nice, I see the thick paint coming out... personally, I like think paint. : )

Nice balance of thick and thin on the flowers.