Sunday, January 31, 2016

Squawk Box chicken painting by Alabama artist Angela Sullivan

Squawk Box chicken painting by Alabama Artist Angela Sullivan
Well!!! Well!!
Today I started a little journey which included chickens. Well actually I did not start the journey today but last Thursday I think. I received in the mail an rectangular box in the mail. The box was wrapped in a mysterious brown paper. What could it be? I had not ordered anything. I gently removed the brown paper to find inside a white box. Oh my!!! It was the traveling chicken and her friends. I took special care as I cut the wrapper and tape leaving the box unharmed. I kept it for two days before I was brave enough to open it. In side this box was a Styrofoam box. I slowly removed the lid not wanting anything to fall out. First a small piece of bubble wrap and then a cloth bag.I pulled them out one at a time while holding my breath that they are all ok. I removed Ms Chick and knew something was wrong as I saw Senor Gallo Rozzo... His legs were broken but not to worry. I got the super glue and in no time he was as good as new.

7x5 oil on canvas panel
still life

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JanettMarie said...

I love this painting!! You really captured those traveling companions.
Nice, nice work!
Congrats Angela!!