Friday, May 27, 2011

Three In The Sun

Three In The Sun
Three oranges sitting in the window seal.
Juicy and sweet soon these oranges will be relished by someone
just needing a healthy snack.
7x5 acrylic on panel board.
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Virginia Floyd said...

I like your color palette in this one, Angela. I like bright sunny paintings. There is a graphic quality to this, with the vertical lines of the cloth running the entire painting. The three globes of the oranges intersecting the horizontal lines in the top third of the painting make it visually very interesting. Nice!

Stephanie Berry said...

Hi Angela! Nice to meet you through blogger--thanks for your nice comments. I like your paintings--nice still life. Your squirrel is really good too. You got the posture of that little guy just right!

mary maxam said...

I like your color contrasts here, and the focal point is very clearle set-nice! I just read your post,"My Mother Calls Me Sweetie"-beautiful painting and writing!

padmaja said...

Lines and curves have made a very special impact in this composition, lovely one!