Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Feed The Children

Feed The Children
I found a photo of this little bird but it was missing a little something.
You see he did not have a worm but I thought to myself... every bird needs a
worm so now I had a squiggley worm hanging out of the little birds mouth...what now?
I was going to name this painting Christmas Dinner but the more I looked my heart
was touched and I knew the name must be Feed The Children...
So that is how a painting is named. It is done only after much thought and consideration.
Is that how your painting is named?
5x7 Oil on canvas panel


Viviane said...

Angela wonderful painting! What beautiful composition to remember that we will have soon to wrap gifts!

Pencils and Paint said...

This is so lovely, Angie. You are very good at naming your paintings...wish I could say the same of myself, lol! Take care, and happy painting. :o)

Virginia Floyd said...

This looks like a Christmas card! Beautiful bird and foliage.

padmaja said...

I have always admired your thought process in naming your paintings Angela, they have all been winners! I like the sentiment behind this one.. touching as always!