Friday, November 11, 2011

I Am Red

I Am Red
One lone flower makes a statement because of its bold flavorful
color. I saw this little flower sitting in one of those clear plastic cups unnoticed
by the other people there. I thought it deserved attention.
Oil on 6x6 canvas panel


SYLVIANE said...

A beautiful bright flower!

Nora MacPhail said...

Hello Angela,
We must be on the same wavelength... because I also just painted a red flower in a little glass jar! ALSO, I see you're painting bigger than usual... which I've also been doing!
Have a lovely weekend,

Linda Nickles said...

This single red flower in a glass jar has an elegant simplicity to it. Very nice!

suzanneberry said...

you work surprises me each time you post. this is just so beautifully executed. i love everything about it, one of your best!

padmaja said...

You gave the flower the deserved attention, also tells me a lesson that even when no one acknowledges me, I should continue to be what I am !

Virginia Floyd said...

I love this light background! I makes the red flower a knockout! Great shadow, too. Wonderful composition...the glass in the left side and the flower and shadow on the right. Great job!