Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Faded Roses

Faded Roses
Sometimes roses only get better. I love those shriveled ones which have dried
out. The faint fragrance still lingers. It is one of the wonderful things which God has given us.
Along with the smell of a puppy's breath, and children's hugs. Life really is wonderful.
8x10 oil on gallery wrapped canvas.


Nigel Fletcher said...

I love your paintings and philosophy, I too paint loosly and find that the ordinary everyday things are the best. Lovely painterly work, nice...

Viviane said...

Wonderful! The colors are so vibrant! Your painting raises the faded roses and your poems our souls!

Nora MacPhail said...

I really like dried flowers too! This painting is lovely. A bit bigger than usual for you... I think. Gorgeous.
Happy Painting,

Dean H. said...

Beautiful painting, Angela!
These things which you point out are treasures we all can hold close.

hmuxo said...

Gorgeous painting, Angela!!