Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Am Loyal

I Am Loyal
I am a dog but not just any dog. I am the dog that any man would die for
because if it came down to it I would die for him.
My dedication never waivers. I am Loyal
6x8 oil on canvas panel


suzanneberry said...

this is just so wonderful angela! your bold brush strokes are so free and exciting. great expression, beautifully done. i've missed a lot while on vacation. off to look at more. happy new year and much success, joy and peace to you and yours.

hmuxo said...

Beautiful post and beautiful painting, Angela.! You're so right...they are so loyal!!!

padmaja said...

Touching post Angela, no human can replace a dog in loyalty! The eyes display this emotion so well!

Helen H Trachy said...

He looks so sad and loving. Nicely done Angela!
I like your Sadie's serie too. Funny dog!