Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jeepers Peepers

Jeepers Peepers
This little frog keeps peeping out over things. I have been on a diet shall we say and
I do certainly eat some strange things for breakfast , lunch and dinner.
 It is just downright unpredictable. My entry for daily paintworks challenge Paint your
breakfast. Frog legs anyone? THis is actually one of those little frogs made to hang on the
side of a flower pot.
6x8 oil on canvas panels


Carol Blackburn said...

You are not going P.I.N.K. on me now are you, Angie? Oh no, then you would be painting pink stuff, right?

Jean Nelson Paintings and Photography said...

A bowl with a frog handle? Cute painting, love the colors and the whimsy.

padmaja said...

Interesting! It looks a lovely BF, hope the little froggie gets to eat some of it :-)