Monday, March 26, 2012

Any Cow

Any Cow
Well well well. I am a cow.... Bet you guessed that right. I am some special cow... Not just any cow.
I stand all day long and eat the green grass. In the evening I hear the horn of a vehicle.
That truck horn is calling me to come eat some hay,
calling me alone because I am a cow but not just any cow you know....
4x4 oil on canvas panel.


Dean H. said...

A well painted cow, Angela! A great subject!

Helen Cooper said...

Great cow! Love how you placed it on the canvas.

Pencils and Paint said...

Love this one, Angie! Cows have such sweet faces and such kindness in their eyes. Thanks for sharing! :o)

Denise Broussard said...

I love your animal portraits. You really capture the personality of each animal. Bravo!