Friday, March 16, 2012

United We Stand

United We Stand
Don't know why as I looked at these I titled it this. I guess maybe because
as CNN plays on the TV telling me such gloom and doom I think of country and 
freedom and family and my feeling interjected into my painting for today.
 Who can argue with that..... United We Stand.
2x4" oil on canvas panel


Ima Weed said...

The motto of Kentucky, appears on our flag and state seal. Palm trees always make me think of a different pace of life, the lull and soothing of the ocean waves.

Carol Blackburn said...

Mornin' Angie, just think....waking up in a tropical climate....sounds so good doesn't it. Palm trees swaying in a sultry breeze, scents of the forest wafting beneath your nose. Nice dream. Today I have rain and dampness sending a chill right through to the bone. I think I'll go back and dream again. :)