Monday, March 19, 2012

Lover Boy

Lover Boy
A little Jack Russell Terrier who lives with my sister. I almost said
owned by my sister but we all know that is not true....
6x6 2 inch deep gallery wrapped canvas
Private Collection


Felisa y Ernesto said...

I've just fallen in love with these eyes..., there are a big microcosmos there.
Beautiful Angela.

Carol Blackburn said...

LOL....owned....uh uh, not a Jack Russell. I think they let YOU live with THEM. Had one almost bite my nose off he jumped so high. The dog whisperer has the right idea about how to quiet them down though, I tried it and it works. Just turn your back to them quickly and say "eh." Had a patient who had one (when I was a VNA) and I tried it (couldn't get anything done otherwise) and was successful. That little guy just sat there and cocked his head to the side like to say "what's up with that?"

Carole said...

You caught the Jack Russell Terrier's smile and perky ears perfectly. My daughter has a Pug/JRT. Very cute little guy too.

padmaja said...

What a lovely piece you created Angela, I can keep looking at those eyes for ever!

Helen Cooper said...

Another beauty!!!