Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Tight Place With My Friend

A Tight Place With My Friend
 Hi! Hey you! Help! We tried to get out but somehow we are stuck. I guess if I must 
be stuck though I would rather be in A Tight Place With My Friend than to be stuck
in any any situation with an enemy. Oh well maybe we can get out soon.
Oil on a 6x6 gallery wrapped canvas
No longer available


Carol Blackburn said...

Hmmm, interesting story with that one Angie. Lovely pals. Hope things are good!

Sunny said...

Love this! Gave me a smile this morning... Great job on the glass.

padmaja said...

Oh love this one, reminded me of myself and my best friend!

hmuxo said...

there's nothing better than good friends, Angela!! love this little painting!

Sherry Schmidt said...

This piece is so exciting!