Monday, September 3, 2012

Stealing The Show

Stealing The Show
Sunflowers should be called Yellow smiles because
everytime I see them I smile. I see them planted next to the road with
their tall heads beaming. Reaching, reaching for the sun. Beautiful with
their big yellow heads. None can compare to the beauty as they sway in
the summer breeze and leave behing their large brown seeds sending forth
life for then next coming crop.
Oil on 11x14 gallery wrapped canvas.
For sale at my DPW gallery via PayPal


Virginia Floyd said...

Love these sunflowers, Angela!

Carol Blackburn said...

So beautiful, Angie. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

hmuxo said...

Beautiful sunflowers, Angela!!

padmaja said...

Your sun flowers are definitely stealing the show! They look forward to sun everyday to bloom and make us happy with their blooms!

Sunny said...

Love the brushwork on these flowers, Angela. Beautiful clean colors!