Thursday, January 10, 2013

Eggs In There

Eggs In There
Submitted to the 30 in 30 Day Challenge
Another challenge at
Just couldn't help myself.
I know I should paint tighter but I am having so much fun. Repeating once again
my joy with this kind of painting. It is really like I am smiling the whole time I am at the easel.
I have always heard that every artist has a certain style and after painting for several years I 
wonder if I have finally found mine. I know that I have thought that before but never have I enjoyed painting so much. I literaly can't wait to get to the easel each day. Having more peace than ever I dreamed.  
For sale or auction at my DPW gallery via PayPal. Just follow link to purchase. 


Helen Cooper said...

Thank you for you visit as usual Angela!

Love those thick buttery strokes! ,!

WeekendAbstrait said...

C'est vrai que chaque Artiste à un style bien défini, je ne connais pas votre blog depuis longtemps, je crois voir un style sur vos peintures qui est bien agréable à voir!
Bonne journée.

Sunny said...

Hi Angela, I have been almost out of the loop as I am traveling this winter in the southwest. Beautiful paintings you have done recently (as usual :) ) Makes me want to eat them, but if I just look I won't have tpo contend with the calories, lol. Scrumptious all!

LS Nelson said...

You DO have a very distinct style! Why should you paint tighter? Paint the way you enjoy. Your enthusiasm is infectious! Love this one too!

hmuxo said...

Wow!!! I LOVE THIS, Angela!!! Truly a beautiful piece!!!

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

Absolutely beautiful work, Angela!

Nan Johnson said...

Fantastic work Angela. Your style is apparent and it's rich with strokes & color, don't change - it's wonderful!

Nora MacPhail said...

GORGEOUS Angela!!!

Maria Randolph said...

You definitely have your own style and it is wonderful! I'm really enjoying your paintings on the 30 in 30.