Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tattered Red barn painting by Alabama Artist Angela Sullivan

Tattered Red barn painting landscape by Alabama Artist Angela Sullivan
I found this barn by the road...I had seen it before but it was near someones house. I got the courage walked up to the door and ask an elderly gentleman if I could paint his barn. Why sure lady he answered in his heavy southern accent. This place really made me smile. I walked past bee hives with hundreds of honey bees buzzing. The family dog came up to say hi then just gingerly sauntered off to play with the cat. There were two swings suspended from a tree full of purple blooms, Three horses came up to stare. How oh how did I pick today to leave my camera at home. I think I will go back tomorrow. 5x7 barn landscape painting oil on canvas panel.


hmuxo said...

Excellent barn, Angela!!

Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Angie, hope things are good with you. Cute barn. Hmmm, do you know why they painted barns or barn doors red? I'll have to look that up.