Saturday, July 3, 2010

Proud and Free

Proud and free shows a proud eagle, daring
strong, fierce. The symbol of our country.
My daughter is a Captain in the Marine
Corp and I can only feel proud at any thing
signifying our freedom. Posted once before but
I thought it would be nice to see again today.
Happy 4th of July. Celebrate.
Acrylic on 5x7 panel board.
This painting is for sale.


Carol Blackburn said...

Mornin' Angela,
He's one tough-looking bird. Don't mess with him. You've captured that look in his eyes wonderfully. I had to view a close up to check out those feathers. Gorgeous! Hope the bug has left you.

Margaret Bednar said...

What a dangerously handsome feller! The blue brushstrokes against the orange beak - and the detailed feathers. A+

Barbara said...

Beautiful eagle. And my thanks to your daughter.