Monday, July 5, 2010


A stick. I will fetch it. No really I have got it right here.
                                                 Throw it again please.
               Painted for a challenge at


SYLVIANE said...

Beautiful dog, Angela!

Carol Blackburn said...

Nice one, Angie. Don't you just love trying to imagine what animals are thinking? I bet it's nothing like what we think it is but we sure can make ourselves laugh..........LOL Is this a pet of yours?

James Parker said...

Super, Angela!!! Mully is posted and linked and chowing down on Alpo over at Windows to the Words Art. Thanks for participating.

Nancie Johnson said...

Love how you did Mully, yes, she has that look in her eye that says "throw it again"! Made me smile!

Sandy said...

wow great job.