Friday, July 16, 2010

Cherry Hang

Cherry Hang
A couple of cherries hang in the afternoon sun. They ripen and become
bittersweet. Soon they will fall off if not picked by human hands, that is
if some greedy bird dosn't get them first.
6x4 Masonite Panel/ Acrylic


Deanna said...

Yet another stunning painting. You give me so much inspiration, I just wish I could get up the nerve to try my Acrylics.

I just got some oil pastels too. They're pretty to look at. :) I plan to just dive in this weekend. I'm of on Saturday (provided nothing goes wrong at work, I'm on call.) Hopefully I'll have some paintings to show off by Monday. LOL. Keep up the great work. I love visiting your blog.

Melanie Rawlings said...

one of my fav fruits to eat in the summer.

Barbara said...

This is nice. The cherries really look ripe and heavy. I want to paint the pears growing on my pear tree, but I haven't found the right light. I netted the tree to discourage squirrels.

Dancing Brush by Cheri said...

We sure want to pick up those cherries don't we.....they are especially fun to paint. Good job, Angela.

Nancie Johnson said...

I like this little painting. The 2 cherries hanging from the one branch & then all the leaves. Nice composition.