Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hydrangea Blooms

Hydrangea Blooms
They dance in the gentle summer breeze. Not so fragrant yet oh so beautiful.
The color can be changed by altering the acidity in the soil.
Coffee grounds anyone?
Painted for a challenge at
5x7 Masonite Panel/ Acrylic


Carol Blackburn said...

Lovely one, Angie. I just had to leave you a comment but don't tell anyone, as I am supposed to be on vacation.........shhhhhh!

Janice said...

Angie I found your blog thru my visit to Dana Chabino's blog and I am so happy that I did. Your paintings are wonderful and this one is gorgeous!!!

Margaret Bednar said...

very nice, you really nailed this one. I'm hoping to get mine done today.

hmuxo said...

Hydrangea's are one of my favorite flowers. You did an amazing job..love the colors