Sunday, June 13, 2010


To all who take the time to leave comments on my blog. To all who take the time
out of their busy day to look at my art, Thank You. I think many times life is to busy. So busy that we go here and there and are always involved in something that we bypass the nice things, the simple treasures given to us by others,sometimes even people we don't know. Many times we don't stop and take the time to let people know how we feel. We neglect to say thanks a lot of times for the things which really mean a lot to us, encourage us, and make a big difference in our lives. It is not neccessarily the big things that make us different and better it is the little things that are equally important. Every day when I look at my blog and see the counter that someone has visited my site it means something. When I see that someone has chosen to follow that is even better. When a faithful few always leave comments it lifts my heart and does make a difference in my day. I am not, nor ever will be some big name famous artist but I do love art and painting makes me happy, and YOU encourage me to keep on and to strive to do, and be better. My heartfelt thanks do go out to all of you.


Carol Blackburn said...

You are most welcome. It makes my day special when you visit my blog, too.

Margaret Bednar said...

Very well said. Thank you for sharing your work and thoughts!

Melanie Rawlings said...

You are very welcome, i have loved dropping by since day one. Thank you for dropping by Free Wing. Your comments do the same for me