Thursday, June 10, 2010

Through The Garden Gate

Through The Garden Gate
I travel alone. No one knows where I am going. My thoughts
are all I have with me. In the garden I will solve problems, I will listen to
the quiet of a summer day. I will soak in the sweet tunes sang by the little birds
who live here. I will learn who I am and what I want to be. I will become
a new person when I enter the garden, Through The Garden Gate.


Carol Blackburn said...

Very nice, Angie. I want to create a secret garden in the woods behind my house someday with a bench in the center so I can rest when I get there. For now I'll just look at your painting and imagine.........

beckielboo said...

This is beautiful and so is the story - do you write poetry as well as paint? You amaze me, you are often the first to enter a new challenge - girl, how do you do it?

Melanie Rawlings said...

Oh wow i just love this!! it takes me away. I keep wondering whats just on the other side. I would like to see more like this.