Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Daisy Cup

Daisy Cup
A blue cup sitting on the counter just waiting for a nice warm cup of coffee. Then a little girl rushes in ,out of breath from her trek outside. With her skin warm and moist and her breathing heavy from running in the fields she calls her mom. Mom! look what I picked for you. A single daisy, what can we put it in? Then she spied it. The blue cup a perfect place for the delicate flower. A gift of love.


Carol Blackburn said...

So nice, Angie. I get a flower once in awhile from my grandson and it's always special, even if it's really a weed. He thinks of me and that's what matters.

Nancie Johnson said...

Angela - you always have a tender, touching story to go with your art. And this is no exception. What a sweet daisy cup (and I love that blue cup!)

Dana Chabino said...

Love the colors in this painting!

Glad I found your blog!

Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Hi and congrats on your work. I wish I could paint like this!