Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Needle In A Haystack

A Needle In A Haystack
Remember those old pin cushions your grandmother used to have.
Love them still. This one is multicolored but some were
like I don't know a tomato? and a strawberry? Why?
Love them though.
6x6 oil on gallery wrapped canvas
or sale or auction thru my DPW gallery. Follow the link to pay via PayPal


LS Nelson said...

You captured the pearlized finish of the pins perfectly! This is delightful and makes me want to go buy a new pincushion!

Carole said...

Such a sweet painting, Angela.

Carol Blackburn said...

Yes, I do remember pin cushions. Now I use a piece of foam. But, didn't some of those really have a fine straw in them??