Wednesday, August 15, 2012

For Morning Coffee No longer available ( Art Demo In Oils)

 Ok! I am always intrigued by artist that post how to. Well this may not be how to but how I did it.
1. I start by toning my canvas. Any color will do but I usually use Burnt Sienna today however I used thinned Thalo Blue and white.
 2. Next I do a rough sketch with Burnt Umber thinned  #2 bright brush
 3. Add some shadowing and what will be my darks. Thalo blue and burnt umber with maybe a touch of Aliz Crimson
 4.Thalo blue and Aliz Chrimson for the dark purple flowers
 5. Touch of white to mixture for highlights on flowers. Sap green and cad yellow light for greens with Thalo blue for darks and of course Aliz Crimson
 6. rough in highlights on pot. White and ultramarine blue with raw umber
 7. Cad yellow light with burnt sienna for interest
 8. Using a #4 bright I scruff to soften shadows and lights on teapot
 9. Adding some darks back in for contrast I paint in the background with titanium white raw umber mixed with ultramarine blue.
 10.  I scruff into the green leaves and purple flowers in background also adding highlights to background vase
 11. Adding sharp highlights to teapot with titanium white and a touch of thalo blue
12. Finishing I add purple and green hints to teapot to tie them all in. I soften edges and leave some bright highlights and of course sign my name. I hope you have enjoyed this as posting a step by step demo is something I never really thought I would do. I so enjoy other artist demos that I figured I would give it a go. Hope your day is blessed and please oh please visit again soon. Would appreciate comments if you enjoyed this.
                                  Oil on 6x6 gallery wrapped canvas
                                                For sale or auction thru my DPW gallery. Follow the link to pay via PayPal


LS Nelson said...

This is wonderfully detailed and helpful! All the notes for color mixes are terrific.

Carole said...

Thank you Angela! It's a lovely painting.

Carol Blackburn said...

That was really nice, glad you finally posted one of these demos. It is lovely!

Virginia Floyd said...

I really enjoyed seeing this painting progress. So interesting! And I really love the teapot!

hmuxo said...

This was a wonderful demo, Angela!! Thanks for the painting as well. Since I don't do oils that much, its very interesting to see the process. I hope you do this again!

Dean H. said...

Thanks for the great demo, Angela!

Carol Blackburn said...

I had to come take a second beautiful!

Nora MacPhail said...

Awesome! Thank you for showing us your process. It's always fascinating to see how other artists work.
Happy Creating.