Friday, August 3, 2012


Am I dead? Is this heaven? Surely not what I imagined. The creatures here are so
ugly. Two eyes of course, a nose and a mouth... is that what I think is a smile. This worm was
not worth it. Somehow I don't feel dead.....Nooooooooo don't touch me. The hook is 
out I guess then next step is shall I say out of the frying pan into the fire... That creature just
took the hook out and is tossing me back into the water....Can it be that like a cat I have more than 
one life. And I am swimming as fast as I can I must tell others... I promise I will never eat 
another worm I don't care how good they look. Whew! that was close.
Oil on 6x6 gallery wrapped canvas.


Carol Blackburn said...

Such a fun one, Angie.....very imaginative. Hmmmm, did you photograph this one with a fisheye lens.........:)

ashok said...


hmuxo said...

UNIQUE!!! But yes, I think he's dead!! LOL. Excellent!

Helen H Trachy said...

What a fisherwoman you are and great story teller! :)