Sunday, August 26, 2012

Salty Good

Salty good
We are wonderful. We are plump and firm just like you would want us to be.
We start out green and firm then someone pokes a hole in us and fills us with that red
delicious filling, Pimento I think it is called. Which is better? I think it is the olive. No I know
it is. We are better because Green is always better than red...right?
Anyway we are not just good....We are Salty Good.
This painting is for sale or auction at my DPW gallery. Just follow the link to purchase via PayPal


Azra said...

This gorgeous painting caught my eye this morning on DPW!! I love the rich brushwork,and of course I love olives.

Virginia Floyd said...

Very nice, Angela! Good composition...I like the way the edges of the olives go off the canvas. Very nice shadows and highlights. And red and olive green make a wonderful color combination.

JanettMarie said...

Oh yes! Very nice olives they are.
So many colors for only two colors!

hmuxo said...

A beautiful painting, Angela!! They look so realistic! One of your best.

Nora MacPhail said...

This is fantastic! Love these olives.

padmaja said...

This is mind blowing Angela!