Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Delight


                                           I painted this one year ago and thought I would repost it.
I can tell a big difference since I have been painting daily. Sometimes It is fun to
 look back and see the progress we have made. I would do this a little differently
now. I used to much white to lighten. Now I would use more concentrated color
Fall Delight is a pumpkin painted with

No Longer Available


My Grama's Soul said...

Hello Angela....I like this one.....just the way it is....sometimes we are to hard on ourselves. (O:(O:



yasha said...

I so love this one Angela.Beautiful color selection.The way the leaves droop on the pumpkin makes your composition even prettier.The light on the pumpkin and leaves gives it a glow altogether.Though I love all your work,but this happens to be my favorite.

Margaret Bednar said...

I really like this & it would also be fun to see how you would render a pumpkin now. You have a unique, lovely style.