Thursday, October 14, 2010

Berry Brew

Berry Brew
I am used to having plain coffee with just a touch of cream and sugar
but now it is time for adventure. It is time for something different.
A neighbor suggested some berries and a touch of mint.
To my surprise I found it to be quite delightful.
Come and have a sip with me and we will make up
stories and laugh at the little things in life.
5x7 acrylic on canvas panel.


yasha said...

Angela I am just loving your cup series paintings.This again is a great work.Addition of berries make it so interesting and love the colors used.

Melanie Statnick said...

very pretty. I like the light on the antique sppon. Nice silver look.

Ernesto y Felisa said...

Let's try then, thank for your invitation, I'd like very much but you live a little bit far... :)
Good day, Angela, beautiful picture as always ( the berries with the porcelin..., beautiful)