Thursday, October 7, 2010

One Still Standing

One Still Standing
Two simple tea cups of no special value. Two special tea cups
used daily to provide someone with a warm tasty drink. As the seasons
change and the air becomes cooler they will be needed even more.
Oh wait! One is empty and has been discarded while the other is still standing.
8x8 approx, acrylic on hardboard panel
No Longer Available


Harley King said...

Careful, now. The walls are knockin'. Don't throw your cup. Remember the golden rule. Good morning. You are a star in the heavens of mankind.

Carol Blackburn said...

Hello Angie, Looks like you need a teapot......the green tea is soothing. Don't work too hard now.
Remember to stop and smell the tea brewing.

Ernesto y Felisa said...

Very nice composition, Angela.
Have a nice day and regards from nortwest of Spain.

Margaret Bednar said...

I really love the greens and "reds" or purple here. And the spot of yellow. You are very busy painting - puts me to shame.