Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Dog I Want To Be

The Dog I Want To Be
The Dog I Want To Be... Where shall I begin. I want to be loyal yet kind and fun to play with. 
I want to be the kind of dog that kids beg their mom's to take home. I want to jump and play and
frolic among the flowers. I want to play fetch with some little boy. I want to romp on the beach and 
lay down in the shade of a big southern oak. I want to sit on the creek bank as my person catches fish.
At the end of the day I want to sleep at someone's feet and know that when I die I will go to heaven
because after all.....All dogs go to heaven...right?
Oil on 6x6 gallery wrapped canvas


padmaja said...

An adorable dog portrait and lovely words to go with it! I always think of these words when I come across street dogs that stare in to blank space and have no clue about their lives.

Margaret said...

I haven't been here for a long while. Your dogs are just wonderful ... This reminds me of a schnauzer we used to own. You paint with wonderful brush strokes and your capture of light is really good!

Carol Blackburn said...

Mornin' Angie, my how sweet....and love your story.

hmuxo said...

Such beautiful words, Angela....and lovely painting.

Helen Cooper said...

Wow you have been busy with these wonderful dog paintings! Your words absolutely match this dog gaze!