Monday, July 9, 2012

We Might Get Wet

We Might Get Wet
A beautiful sunny day at the beach. Beach umbrella out just to 
protect us from the scorching sun then all of a sudden from 
out of nowhere the clouds roll in and in the distance we can see the rain pelting
down as it touches the far away water. Should we go or should we stay.
What I am trying to say is We Might Get Wet.
Painted for a challenge at
Oil on 6x6 gallery wrapped canvas


Carol Blackburn said...

It always amazed me how people would run from the rain when at the beach, especially if it was just a sudden shower. Weren't they there for the water in the first place. Well, maybe some........
When I was a kid I often jumped in fully clothed if the spirit moved me. You see, I lived about 100 feet from the ocean. :)

Helen Cooper said...

Wow what a dramatic sky! Great!

Helen H Trachy said...

Great interpretation of the original photo! I love the light in the water.

Sunny said...

This is very beautifully painted!